Meal Plan for an Active Individual

8th November 2021


Question to Clinical Nutritionist Bec Stone: “I come to a fitness class at Evado 6 days a week. What is a sample day on a meal plan for someone who is very active?”

Answer: This can be very varied! I always tailor meal plans to individuals depending on their needs, how much time they have, food preferences, age, gender, activity levels and exercise goals. However, below is a basic guide on what the daily food intake should look like for an active individual who doesn’t have any food intolerances or allergies.


Do I need to eat before an early morning gym class?

If you are a male and you are exercising for 60 minutes or less you don’t have to eat. However, if you are doing some really high intensity exercise in the morning such as a HIIT class or an intense interval running session, research shows having a small snack such as ½ a banana before the sessions really helps you perform at your best. That being said, if you are hungry when you wake or feel better in any type of workout session if you have a small snack, then try ½ a banana before any of your morning workout sessions.

If you are a female you need to eat before all exercise sessions in the morning. In short, females should NEVER train fasted! This is very bad for oestrogen and progesterone which results in hormonal imbalances and can promote weight gain. Training fasted also makes our cortisol levels skyrocket which negatively effects our digestion, good gut bacteria levels, promotes excess muscle break down and again, results in weight gain. ½ an apple or ½ a banana and 1 heaped tablespoon of raw almond butter is all you need to reverse the above negative effects. 


After my morning workout, when should I eat next?

Males and females should both be eating within 30 minutes of finishing any workout! Males have a longer recovery window for protein synthesis (muscle rebuilding/repair) than females do, however eating within 30 minutes will support their immune system, lower their cortisol levels and support optimal digestion of nutrients for the rest of the day. 


BREAKFAST examples include:

  • Apple and cinnamon overnight oats: combine ½ cup traditional rolled oats, 1 tsp of cinnamon, ½ large apple diced (leave skin on), ½ cup raw almond milk (Nutty Bruce is a good brand), 2 tsp of pure maple syrup, ½ - ¾ cup plain Greek yoghurt, 1 heaped tbsp ground flaxseed. Mix all ingredients together in a jar or container and keep in the fridge overnight. Eat the next morning for breakfast top with fresh berries of choice. Lasts in the fridge for 5 days. 
  • A protein smoothie - 30g raw natural protein powder, 1 cup raw almond milk or coconut water, ½ - ¾ cup of frozen mixed berries, ½ frozen banana, 1 tbsp traditional rolled oats or plain Greek yoghurt, 1 tbsp raw nut butter (almond or peanut), 1 tsp raw hemp seeds or chia seeds. Blend & drink!
  • 2 eggs cooked any way you like with 1 slice of good quality sourdough toast spread with avocado, goat’s cheese and topped with cooked mushrooms and wilted greens



If you are hungry, please eat a snack at either morning tea and or afternoon tea. Learning to listen to your hunger signals is key here! Check in with your body - are you actually hungry? Or are you really just thirsty, bored or stressed? If you are actually hungry, please eat, as this helps you avoid overeating later in the day and helps stabilise your blood sugar & energy levels. Snack suggestions include:

  • Piece of fruit with a small handful mixed nuts and seeds
  • A True protein bar
  • 4-5 Carmen’s seeded crackers with some SSS hummus (get this hummus brand at Woolies)



Lunch is a main meal so please eat a main meal (not a snack) here! See below examples:

  • 1 - 1½ cups quinoa salad with a palm sized serving of leftover meat or a can of salmon in extra virgin olive oil
  • A slice of baked frittata – make sure frittata is packed with lots of colourful veggies
  • Quick simple Buddha style bowl: ½ cup cooked brown or black rice (can make rice in advance and freeze in portion sizes), 3 tbsp well rinsed legumes (dress legumes in EVOO, salt & pepper to taste better), 3-4 different veggies of choice (fresh or leftover veggies), ¾ of a palm sized serving of meat, fish or organic tempeh or 2 boiled eggs 


DINNER examples include:

  • Beef, chicken or organic tempeh and veggie stir-fry serve with ½ - ¾ cup cooked quinoa, black rice or brown rice
  • 150g fillet of salmon with ½ - ¾ cup mashed sweet potato & stir-fried greens – asparagus, broccolini, green beans and bok choy
  • 1 – 1 ½ cups veggie lentil dahl with ½ - ¾ cup of cauliflower rice, quinoa or coloured rice


Again, this is a very basic guide of what to eat in a day. If you would like some more targeted advice with a complete 2-week meal plan that is tailored to you needs and provides you with a range of recipes and brand options, then please feel free to book in and see me at Evado. I consult in-person at Evado Studios Hawthorn, or I am available for virtual consultations via Zoom.