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What makes Evado Studios so successful?

Business model

Our strategic planning has enabled our rehabilitation and fitness services to run seamlessly under one roof. Our points of difference insulates us against competitors in the health and fitness industry.


Grow your studio with like-minded clients that are inspired by Evado’s mission:
“to give people the belief & confidence they can take their health to the next level”


Our ongoing emphasis on excellent customer service aims to build an outstanding brand reputation in the local community. It’s for this reason that forty percent of new referrals come from existing clientele.

Staff retention

Satisfied and loyal staff forms the backbone of a successful small business. Our focus on staff mentoring, professional development and ongoing support ensures staff engagement.


Providing the best equipment and IT systems in the health and fitness industry empowers staff to perform at their best. This is achieved in a modern and design inspired studio fit-out.


Regardless of your business experience, our induction training and ongoing support ‘breaks-down’ the essential components that help run a successful business.

How can we help?

Involvement in each of the following critical stages ensures new directors feel
supported throughout the challenging setup phase

  • Site location including analysis of key demographics and competitors
  • Lease negotiations and council permits
  • Design and layout guidelines to ensure the site has the ‘Evado feel’
  • Preferred builder relationships resulting in an efficient fit-out period
  • Furniture and equipment ordering
  • Assistance with finance applications and introduction to preferred lenders
  • Induction training of systems and processes to ensure your studio runs smoothly and according to our protocols
  • Pre-launch marketing material and guidelines
  • Human resource assistance through interview guided templates and employment contracts
  • Ongoing business mentoring and support once your studio is launched


“Having a supporting team environment at Evado and working closely with patients as they transition from injury to wellness is a rewarding and enjoyable experience. It brings the best out of me as a Physiotherapist.

I can treat my patients at an industry-leading standard at Evado. I have access to a full Pilates and gym studio, numerous exercise options that cater to a patient’s unique situation and a supportive environment with everyone working together to produce the best outcomes.”

James McFarlane
Physiotherapist & Franchise Owner
Evado Studios Thornbury

James McFarlane
James McFarlane

"I wanted to take my career to the next level. I wanted to be more than just a practitioner. Evado Studio appealed to me because of its proven treatment model and a clear focus on exercise based intervention. I’m 6-months into my journey with Evado Studios and I couldn’t recommend it highly enough. The business and mentoring support is excellent. The clinical and fitness pathways allowed me to come-in and hit the ground running. But, gave me enough flexibility to put my own take on patient management. I have the autonomy to make my own decisions on managing the business but know I have access to personnel with a vast experience to ask for advice when needed.”

Sean Walton
Physiotherapist & Practice Principal
Evado Studio Essendon

Are you ready to take the next step?

Making the decision to launch a business is a life changing experience. It is an exciting period, yet without its risks. When starting from scratch, one of the biggest challenges with any small business is building an identity of credibility and trust. In the healthcare and fitness industry, trust is everything.

Evado Studios has established a strong brand in the healthcare and fitness industry for nearly a decade. With a proven track record, we have minimised the stress and guess work that comes with launching a new business. All that is required is you to nurture it.

If you are passionate about your job and customers, we are confident that our model will allow you to run the best business possible.

At Evado Studios, we subscribe to the motto “In business for yourself, but not by yourself”.

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