Exercise During Pregnancy

31st August 2021


Pregnancy was once perceived to be a time for rest and for women to avoid exercise due to the fear of harm to the mother and/or unborn baby. This view has now been significantly challenged by the latest research which has shown that an individually-tailored exercise program, in the absence of contraindications, can significantly reduce complications during pregnancy AND enhance the health of both the mother and unborn baby.

Furthermore, physical activity can reduce the incidence of caesarean or instrumental deliveries and fasten postnatal recovery. Exercise has NOT been associated with miscarriage, induction of labour, neonatal death or birth defects. 

So now you may be wondering, what exercise can I do during pregnancy? Once you have had a comprehensive assessment with your Physio and been cleared of any contraindications to exercise, your Physio can prescribe a specific program aimed at maintaining or moderately improving your level of fitness. An optimal exercise program for uncomplicated pregnancies will include a combination of aerobic and strengthening activity at moderate intensity and daily pelvic floor muscle training in order to achieve the greatest benefits. Supervised Clinical Pilates is one form of strengthening offered at Evado Studios that can provide numerous benefits during pregnancy including prevention of urinary incontinence, low back pain and pelvic girdle pain. Checking in with your Physio during each trimester will ensure your program remains safe and beneficial.