Free 2-Week Fitness Introductory Offer

24th June 2021


Calling all new clients!

Did you know that we are offering a FREE 2-week Fitness Introductory Offer for unlimited access to ALL fitness classes for 14-days?! This is the perfect way to start your Evado Studios journey, with the ability to trial each fitness class we offer and decide which suit you best.

This includes Fitness Pilates (reformer), Strength, Conditioning and more, depending on your local studio. Each class is 40-minutes in duration, the perfect amount of time to get a great workout in and smash your goals. No prior experience is required or expected for any of these classes, with each of our instructors highly qualified at providing quality classes to all ability and experience levels. But what if you want a challenge? Don’t worry - Our Fitness instructors thrive when pushing you to achieve your best.

Not sure where to start? Also included in this free 2-week Fitness Introductory Offer is a 30-minute 1-on-1 session with a Personal Trainer. In this appointment you will discuss your goals, which classes and services will be best suited to you, create an achievable exercise plan, and of course have a tour of our fully equipped studio. This will ensure you are ready to go as of your first class and make the most of your free offer.

Select your local studio for more information or to book your first session. 

This offer is usally $60, so get in quick.