Coffee: Yes or No?

4th September 2023


Coffee can be part of a healthy diet but having too much in one day can mean that you are not getting enough essential nutrients that your body requires for all body functions.

A lot of people drink a lot of coffee throughout the day which ends up replacing healthier meals and snacks. This makes them more likely to crave processed sweet or salty foods later in the day. Replacing food with coffee does not equal weight loss or better health.

It actually reduces immune function, liver health, energy levels and in the long term it also negatively affects weight management. Coffee binds to key nutrients such as magnesium, iron, calcium and zinc, which reduce your absorption of these nutrients. 

Take home message - one coffee per day is fine, and if you need that second coffee, aim to only do this a couple of days per week. 


Bec Stone

Clinical Nutritionist