5 tips to build up during pre-season

22nd March 2024


Off season is typically a good time to fit in 3-4 strength and running sessions per week. If you haven't included any strength work, it's never too late to start! 

1. Consistency is key 

Lower body lifts you should consider including are: 



Romanian Deadlift 


Upper body lifts to consider including are: 

Chest press 


Shoulder press 

Pull up 

Please start gently, commence with one strength session per week after your running session. 

Add one session one at a time every 2-3 weeks.  

2. Include sprints in your running sessions 

The biggest protective factor for hamstring strains is preparing yourself to run fast! 

Complete 2-3 maximum effort sprints over 60-80m once a week. 

Ceasing high-speed running over the Christmas break, then recommencing it puts players at much higher risk of muscle strains. If you feel you are lacking here, make sure you progress carefully over the next 4 weeks. 

3. Nordics and Copenhagen’s 

Nordics and Copenhagen's are great exercises to prevent groin and hamstring injuries.  

They are challenging but are quick and easy to implement as they require no equipment (do this with a training partner). 

Start off with 2x5 once a week for 2 weeks after training. Progress to 2 sessions per week - ALWAYS COMPLETE POST TRAINING! 

4. Accountability - Have you done enough? 

Don't lie to yourself – take it slowly during the first 3 weeks of preseason if you have had a lazy off-season. 

Complete parts of training, and gradually increase your exposure to a full session. Having a good relationship with your coach will help here! 

5. Optimise your recovery 

Sleeping >7 hours is crucial!  

Split your high load running days that involve a lot of high-speed running. Ensure at least 2-3 days in between each session to recover. 

Omer Turkmen 

Physiotherapist, Evado Studios Essendon