Victoria Greensmith

Fitness Pilates Instructor

Certificate IV in Pilates Matwork and Refomer

Victoria was born, raised and worked in Mexico City as a public relations consultant and journalist. After raising a family and work experience in various fields including corporate and event management, Victoria developed shoulder and hip chronic pain  which left her unable to continue Latin Dance, the sport she loved most. Out of this experience she learned that if we do not feel physically strong, our mental fitness is depleted as well. With the support of the Evado team, Victoria went on to discover Pilates and an approach to wellness for reclaiming her best self. This personal odyssey inspired her to train and work towards gaining her certification as a matwork and reformer Pilates instructor.

Having travelled  extensively in Mexico, the USA and Europe, Victoria has trained in various Pilates studios which have given her further knowledge and a great repertoire of exercises that she enjoys sharing with her clients in Melbourne.

Victoria loves to challenge her clients and strongly believes that consistency, dedication and patience is key for achieving positive results.