Exercise Physiology

Accredited Exercise Physiologists specialise in prescribing exercise to help in the management & treatment of medical conditions.
Exercise Physiologists are trained in providing a safe exercise environment for people at risk of developing, or who currently have existing medical conditions. These include:
  • Any cardiovascular condition where your Doctor has given you clearance to exercise eg. heart disease, high blood pressure, arrhythmia.
  • People who have not exercised for some time due to their medical condition & wish to return so in the safest possible manner.
  • Medical conditions such type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol and osteoporosis.

No medical referral is required to see an Exercise Physiologist.

What can you expect in an appointment?

  • A thorough history including previous experience with exercise.
  • Analysis of the medications that you may be on & their interactions with exercise.
  • Ongoing monitoring of key signs throughout the exercise session eg. blood pressure, heart rate, blood glucose.
What is the aim of an Exercise Physiologist?
To provide a safe exercise session which is also at a high enough intensity to have a training effect.
Bulk Billing available with GP Management Plan & Team Care Arrangement.