Clinical Pilates/Exercise

A Clinical Pilates/Exercise program will address core stability, flexibility, posture and body awareness, along with other injury concerns that require rehabilitation.

Our Physiotherapists spend time discussing, understanding and assessing your physical capacity and work with you to create a customised program to achieve the best possible outcome.

Clinical Pilates/Exercise Classes:

  • Follow an individualised program specific to your goals and injury concerns. Start by booking in with a Physiotherapist for program design, before moving into classes.
  • Classes conducted by a physiotherapist with specialist training in Clinical Pilates/Exercise
  • Uses reformer beds and trapeze tables
  • 45 minute duration
  • Maximum of 4 participants per class
  • Claimable through Private Health Insurance

See Clinical Strength for our additional physiotherapist lead rehabilitation class prescribed instead of, or in addition to, Clinical Pilates/Exercise.