Best pre & post workout snacks

4th December 2023


“What are the best pre & post workout snacks?”


Keep it simple!


Pre-workout, I like to have 1 small banana, a protein ball and sliced strawberries. 

Post-workout aim for a combination of protein AND carbohydrates. There is no need to fear carbohydrates post exercise as your body requires them to transport protein to muscles for optimal repair, recovery and rebuilding of new muscle tissue. Some good snacks include raw protein powder mixed with milk (easy to have at the gym), Greek yoghurt with berries, nuts and seeds or a protein ball. If you’re training prior to lunch or dinner, aim for your meal to have good quality protein (e.g. grass fed meat, fish, chicken, eggs or lentils) with good quality carbohydrates (e.g. black or brown rice, quinoa, sweet potato or pumpkin). 


Bec Stone

Clinical Nutritionist, Evado Studios