8 Week Transformation Challenge Winners!

3rd June 2022

There were some amazing results from our 8 WEEK TRANSFORMATION CHALLENGE - read about our winners below!

1st place & recipient of $1,200 - NATASHA R, NELSON BAY with trainer Katherine Parker

  • Tash never missed a session, stuck to her plan & achieved all of her goals that we set in week 1. 
  • Her energy significantly increased over the 8 weeks of consistent training, plus she had big improvements with her cardio fitness & all over body strength. 
  • Increased her squat by 20kg, hitting 67.5kg for 5 reps in the final week. 
  • Increased her deadlift PB by 10kg and was lifting 75kg for 5 reps. 
  • Took 4 minutes off her 6km trail run time!
  • Most importantly, since the challenge was completed Tash has reevaluated her goals & continued with consistent training. 
  • Tash is also a great role model for her young teenage son, and they both regularly attend Strength sessions together at Evado.

2nd place & recipient of $500 - GEORGE T, NELSON BAY with trainer Katherine Parker

  • We are really proud of the effort George put in each week and her consistency lead to fantastic results.
  • Her energy improve massively over the 8 weeks 
  • Improved her upper and lower body strength, increasing her Trap Bar Deadlift by 17.5kg, Goblet squat by 7.5kg and more than doubled the number of inverted rows she could do.
  • Her technique and range she could perform each exercise also improved significantly. 
  • She also increased her cardio fitness, taking 6 seconds off her 250m row & is now climbing Gan Gan in under 13 minutes!

3rd place & recipient of $300 - LAURA P, POINT COOK with trainer Andrew Mangani

  • Laura had a baby 13 months ago & transitioned into our fitness services (after seeing an Evado physiotherapist) just in time to start the challenge
  • Overall, Laura lost a total of 3.3kg & over 32cm in total size!
  • Laura’s main goals were to tone up & build strength since having her baby, with the overall goal of being able to carry her children. 
  • She attended 42 classes & 8 Personal Training sessions, never missing a day! 
  • She smashed all of her fitness tests, most notably her sit-ups (5 half reps to 16 full reps!)

Stay tuned for our next 8-Week Challenge later this year! Don't miss your opportunity to create some great changes to your health & fitness, and win some major cash prizes!