To give people the belief and confidence they can take their health to the next level.


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In order to fulfill our mission, our staff need to work collaboratively as a team. Our core values underpin this:

  • We will endeavour to create a FUN environment so that exercise and recovery is a positive experience. 
  • We will always base our service approach on an ETHICAL evidenced based practice framework. 
  • Our TEAMWORK approach is crucial to fulfilling Evado’s mission daily.
  • We will ensure CLIENT OUTCOMES remain our first priority.
  • We understand that mutual ACCOUNTABILITY between practitioner and patient is crucial in achieving desirable results.
  • Our INTEGRITY will ensure that relationships are retained over the long term.

Why choose Evado Studios?

  • Whether you are injured or wish to improve your health and fitness, we have a team of experts that work collaboratively to help you achieve your goals.
  • Evado Studios is a professional facility, and we make sure that everyone feels welcomed and safe. We pride ourselves on getting to know all of our clients, and our services cater to all ages and physical status. The combined involvement of Physiotherapists, Exercise Scientists and other professionals means you will become more fit and healthy in a way that respects any underlying musculoskeletal injuries and health concerns.
  • Unlike other studios, our size means we offer the luxury of flexible payment options that you would not otherwise see at other boutique facilities.
  • Our technology systems allow our clients to interact with our studio easily and quickly, eliminating unnecessary wait times for booking appointments or classes through the convenience of your phone app. or tablet / desktop.


Nurturing long term relationships with our clients by reinforcing the philosophy of Target.Perform.Achieve.


What do we mean by Target.Perform.Achieve.?

It is our belief that before setting a physical ‘target’, one must understand their starting point. We do this via a comprehensive physical assessment, and outline any physical impairments that need work.

Once this is establisted, ‘perform’ is all about understanding the work required to get you there. This may involve a clinical and exercise approach, but it depends on an individual basis with consideration to your current physical capacity and goals.

Once you have done the work, we reassess your physical status to determine whether you are ‘achieving’ your targets.

At Evado Studios, we strongly believe that this model of care will help you achieve your exercise goals more often. We are big on staying accountable to your goals under the supervision of an expert.