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Elevate Your Fitness with Our Fitness Classes at Evado Studios Thornbury

Welcome to a world where fitness becomes a rewarding journey! At Evado Studios Thornbury, we offer diverse fitness classes tailored to meet all your fitness aspirations. Our approach embodies the essence of the Evado ethos: Health is ongoing, and we are here to support you at every stage. Our mission is to give you the belief and confidence to raise your fitness level.

Conditioning at Evado Studios Thornbury: Ignite Your Fitness Fire

Unleash your inner athlete with our high-intensity conditioning classes! Designed for those eager to burn calories and improve their fitness, our conditioning classes blend strength and bodyweight exercises.

Experience various dumbbell movements, plyometric training, skipping, and body-weight exercises meticulously crafted to amplify your strength, aerobic and anaerobic fitness, speed, power, and muscular endurance. This invigorating class is tailored for intermediate to advanced clients, ready to push their limits and achieve remarkable results.

Strength at Evado Studios Thornbury: Forge Your Power

Unveil a stronger, more confident you with our strength classes at Evado Studios Thornbury. This resistance-based session combines a variety of barbell, dumbbell, kettlebell, and bodyweight exercises to increase full-body strength. Our structured program assists you in getting the best outcomes possible while maintaining a safe training atmosphere.

No matter your level of fitness or expertise, everyone is welcome. Whether you are a seasoned gym goer or are just beginning your strength adventure, this class is for you. We value teamwork and mutual accountability - we work together to achieve your strength goals, creating a fun and motivating environment where you'll always feel supported.

Join Our Fitness Classes in Thornbury

At Evado Studios Thornbury, we are committed to empowering you to reach your fitness goals. Our approach is simple yet effective: Target your needs, Perform with focus, and Achieve outstanding results.

Our expert staff ensures you enjoy a fun and supportive environment. We place client outcomes as our top priority and emphasise mutual accountability for optimal results. With integrity at the core of our practice, we nurture long-lasting relationships with our clients.

Join us at Evado Studios Thornbury for a transformative fitness experience that boosts your physical strength and belief in your abilities. Enrol in our fitness classes in Thornbury today and take the first step towards a healthier, stronger, and more self-assured you. We can't wait to welcome you to our thriving community.

Modern boutique studios

Our large, modern, boutique studio in Thornbury offers a range of Physiotherapy and fitness services under one roof, including Physio, Clinical Pilates, Reformer Pilates, Fitness Classes, Personal Training and more.


Our Target.Perform.Achieve system at Evado Studios Thornbury ensures we are with you every step of your Physiotherapy or fitness journey. We offer this in a fun environment ensuring that exercise and recovery are a positive experience.

Flexible payment options

At Evado Studios Thornbury we have a range of casual, package and membership options to suit all needs. Health insurance rebates are available for Physio and Clinical Services.