Fitness Pilates Essendon

Evado Studios Essendon

Suite 2, 77-81 Rose Street, Essendon

phone (03) 8539 4420

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Offered within our Fitness Stream, Fitness Pilates will quickly become your go-to exercise class for a whole body, low-impact but high-intensity workout.

Conducted on the latest spring-loaded Pilates reformers, Fitness Pilates classes target specific muscles in short but effective bursts, resulting in stronger and more defined muscles.

Fitness Pilates classes at Evado Studios are 45-minutes in duration, which you will find is the perfect amount of time to smash out a great workout. With current Australian Physical Activity Guidelines recommending 30-minutes of moderate intensity exercise each day, the length of our Fitness Pilates classes will therefore leave you feeling very satisfied and accomplished.

Pilates was conceptualised in the 20th Century and has since taken the world by storm with its whole-body approach to exercise. At Evado Studios, you can expect a high intensity, full body workout that will leave you shaking!

Classes are inclusive, with all fitness and experience levels welcome. Our Fitness Pilates instructors are highly qualified and experienced at programming great classes, and are skilled at adapting their programs to cater to your needs.

Are you carrying an injury or haven’t exercised for some time and would like to ease back in? See Clinical Pilates/Exercise for a slower paced, rehabilitation based class.

Modern boutique studios

We focus on making fitness and rehabilitation accessible to everyone. We strive to create an environment that encourages people to feel good and motivated in their training, at every stage of their fitness journey. Our services cater to anyone, at all stages of your recovery or fitness journey.


Our Target.Perform.Achieve system ensures that we are with you every step of the way on your rehabilitation or fitness journey. We offer this in a fun environment to ensure that exercise and recovery is a positive experience.

Convenient location

We are situated 100 metres from Essendon Train Station and a 3 min walk to the 59 tram, and there is all-day car parking opposite the studio. As we are located on busy Rose St, there are lots of cafes to choose from to get your post-class coffee!