Clinical Pilates/Exercise

A Clinical Pilates/Exercise program will address core stability, flexibility, posture and body awareness, along with other injury concerns that require rehabilitation.

Clinical Pilates/Exercise programs will always begin with a one-on-one assessment with a Physiotherapist who will spend time discussing, understanding, and assessing your physical capacity. They will work with you to design a customised program to achieve your rehabilitation goals. Our team of Physiotherapists at Evado Studios are highly qualified in developing rehabilitation programs, specific to the needs of each individual. You can expect to feel supported by the latest research and our extremely professional Physios throughout the entire process.

Once you and your Physiotherapist collectively decide that you are ready, you will then move into a Clinical Pilates/Exercise class, following your individualised program. Classes are conducted by our Physiotherapists with specialist training in Clinical Pilates/Exercise on the reformer and trapeze table. Each of our studios are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to compliment you and your program.

Clinical Pilates/Exercise classes run for 45-minutes with a maximum of 4 participants in each session. Each individual will progress through their independent programs over the duration of the class, under the guidance of your Physio. These classes are claimable through Private Health Insurance (item code 560).

See Clinical Strength for out alternative Physiotherapist lead rehabilitation class that may be prescribed instead of, or in addition to, Clinical Pilates/Exercise.

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