Athlete Development

Evado Studios’ Athlete Development Program is specifically designed to improve athletic performance and provide sport-specific injury rehab (if required).

The Athlete Development Program has been devised specifically for athletes, offering them an opportunity to train utilising a sports-specific, individualised training program to achieve their goals. Advanced training methods are employed to develop speed, strength, power, agility, motor control and quality of movement patterns to improve overall performance.

Initial Assessment

You will complete an initial 1-on-1 assessment with an Exercise Scientist to formulate your individualised training program. Every athlete will undergo a series of targeted fitness tests to aid in the curation of their Target.Perform.Achieve plan.


After the initial appointment, athletes will transition into a small group (up to 4) with likeminded athletes striving to improve athletic performance. Training programs will be developed based on either 6 or 12 session blocks, depending on goals set by the athlete.


At the conclusion of the training blocks, athletes are reassessed and outcome measures are taken. New goals can be set, and a new training program can be designed and implemented depending on the requirements of the athlete.

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