Physiotherapy & Fitness Centre


  • Physiotherapy
    We have Physiotherapists with specific training and experience in neck, back or spinal pain, sporting injuries, post-surgery rehab and musculoskeletal pain. Our team uses safe and effective manual therapy techniques to treat joint and soft tissue dysfunctions.
  • Clinical Pilates/Exercise
    A Clinical Pilates/Exercise program will address core stability, flexibility, posture and body awareness, along with other injury concerns that require rehabilitation.
  • Clinical Strength
    Clinical Strength is a specialty class suitable for patients undergoing an injury management intervention. This includes anyone looking to gradually return to Personal Training after an injury.
    Similar to Clinical Pilates/Exercise functional retraining and gym rehabilitation is an effective way to manage a range of upper and lower limb injuries.
  • Personal Training
    Our team of Personal Trainers deliver individualised program design and more personalised attention and can assist with weight loss, increasing strength and muscle mass, improving fitness.
  • Fitness Pilates
    Conducted on Pilates reformers, classes target specific muscles in short but effective bursts, resulting in stronger and more defined muscles.
  • Fitness Classes
    Functional Strength is a resistance based class designed to improve full body strength through the use of barbells, dumbbells and body weight strength exercises.
    The ultimate full body workout, our Conditioning Circuit is suitable for those wanting to blast body fat and take their fitness to the next level.


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Sat  8am – 12pm
Sun  Closed

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