Physiotherapy Fitzroy North

Evado Studios Fitzroy North

Fitzroy North Doctors, Level 1 / 175 Holden St, Fitzroy North

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Physiotherapy is the primary service offered at Evado Studios, with the conception of Evado Studios centred around physiotherapy and the immense benefits it can provide.

At Evado Studios, we only offer the best care. We have highly trained and incredibly skilled physiotherapists, who are driven to guide and assist you through your rehabilitation journey.

Evado physiotherapists have specific post-graduate training and skill in their area of expertise, which include:

  • Musculoskeletal pain
  • Sports injuries
  • Neck, back or spinal pain
  • Pre- and post-surgery rehab
  • Pre- and post-pregnancy

Our team of physios use safe and effective manual therapy techniques to treat joint and soft tissue dysfunctions. Rehabilitation exercise may be combined with hands-on intervention to restore joint range of movement and muscle strength allowing a quick return to desired activities.

Our Physiotherapists will work with you to develop individualised goals using the Target.Perform.Achieve model at Evado Studios.

  • Target: We start by working with you through a comprehensive physical assessment to ‘target’ your needs and outline any physical impairments that need work.
  • Perform: The next step involves you to ‘perform’ through a clinical and/or exercise approach. It is important that you understand the work required to get you there.
  • Achieve: Once the work is done, you will be reassessed on your physical status to determine whether you have ‘achieved’ your targets.

Importantly, we always look to consider what safe physical activity a person can do throughout their treatment plan. Stopping everything is not the Evado way.


Our Target.Perform.Achieve system ensures that we are with you every step of the way on your rehabilitation or fitness journey. We offer this in a fun environment to ensure that exercise and recovery is a positive experience.

Qualified, experienced staff

Our team of experts work together under one roof to achieve your goals, whether you are injured or wish to improve your health and fitness. The combined involvement of Physiotherapists and other professionals push you to the next level whilst respecting your underlying injuries and health concerns.

Flexible payment options

We offer a range casual, package and membership options to suit all needs. Health insurance rebates are also available for clinical services, and we welcome Medicare, Workcover, TAC & DVA referrals.