Fitness Classes


The ultimate full body workout, our conditioning classes are suitable for those wanting to blast body fat and take their fitness to the next level. Classes consist of a combination of both strength and body-weight exercises to complete in circuit fashion.

Classes feature barbell and dumbbell movements, rowing ergometer, plyometric training, power ropes, skipping and body-weight exercises to build strength, increase aerobic and anaerobic fitness, improve speed, power and muscular endurance.

This class has three levels:

Low Impact  – for those beginning an exercise program or carrying an acute or chronic injury.
Level 1 – is a moderate level class for those who are injury free.
Level 2 – an advanced session for those wanting to push the limits.


Strength is a resistance based class designed to improve full body strength through the use of barbells, dumbbells and body weight strength exercises. Our strength class follows periodised programs designed to help maximize results in a safe environment.

This class has two levels:

Level 1 Strength is suitable for those starting out, or wanting to pace their training.
Level 2 Strength is an advanced class whose participants must have experience in strength training and be deemed injury free before commencing the program.


Spin classes offer a great workout for those wanting to improve cycling technique, increase aerobic ability, and work up a sweat. The class involves 40 minutes of strategically placed endurance intervals, sprints and hill climbs to give you a tough workout and achieve maximum results.

This class has three levels:

Spin Low Intensity – a lower level class, suitable for those who are new to Spin or returning to exercise after a period away.
Spin – a moderate intensity class, perfect for those who have tried Spin before and want to work hard.
Spin Xtreme – an intense class designed to push you to your limits!


Multi-joint exercises designed to work as many muscles as possible in a short period of time to enhance metabolic responsiveness.

Curated to incorporate both functional movements and intense cardio intervals, this class has you moving throughout our strength AND circuit training areas for a full body blast.


Evado Studios’ running program is perfect for beginner and intermediate level runners. Whether you are in preparation for an upcoming running event, or simply want to incorporate regular running sessions into your training regime, our running group provides a supportive environment for you to achieve your goals.

The program aims to improve running efficiency, reduce the likelihood of injury, and increase endurance and speed under the guidance of an experienced supervisor.

evado studios fitness classes