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Sherrine McInerney

Pilates Instructor

Diploma of Professional Pilates
L1 Recreational Run Coach
Masters of Marketing, B Sc.

Through Sherrine’s love of exercise and keeping fit she was introduced to Pilates more than 10 years ago and discovered it offered great cross training for the high impact activities and running events she was pursuing.  She found that Pilates provided strength and stability for everyday life as well as a restorative balance to her body and joints, enabling her to keep on running without suffering injuries.

After having two young children Sherrine realised her job in the corporate world wasn’t conducive to raising a family and decided to follow her passion of Pilates.  She undertook a Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction in 2016 and then embarked on a career change to being a Pilates Instructor.

Apart from being a busy Mum to 2 little girls, Sherrine appreciates the time out she gets when doing her own Pilates sessions and is passionate about inspiring others to experience the benefits of Pilates for themselves.  Sherrine loves working with a variety of clients and enjoys creating challenging and varied classes so her clients enjoy the workout and stay motivated to achieve their goals.