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Emily Massey

Pilates Instructor

Certificate IV Clinical Pilates
Bachelor in Food Nutrition & Masters in Dietetics


Emily is a Pilates Instructor and Graduate Dietitian from Deakin University, following completion of a Bachelor in Food Nutrition and a Master in Dietetics. She is passionate about all facets of health and fitness coming from a background of rowing, netball and distance running.

Em found her passion for the strengthening and rehabilitative aspects of Pilates through suffering an injury herself. Throughout recovery and beyond, she was able to experience first hand how the movements of Pilates create and complement a well-functioning body conducive to an active and healthy lifestyle.

Em runs a challenging yet safe Pilates class appropriate for all fitness levels. She encourages her clients to push the boundaries in their strength, flexibility and fitness to gain the most out of the class experience.

Complementary to teaching Pilates, Em works as a Dietitian at Geelong Football Club with their VFL Squad. She has experience and particular interest in the areas of sports nutrition, weight loss, muscle gain, food intolerances and gastrointestinal health. Following completion of a Level 1 Anthropometry Course at Exercise Research Australia, Em is also fully qualified as an Anthropometrist and is able to take skinfolds and accurately measure body composition.

Em hopes to continue combining Pilates and Dietetics in the future. With this skill set, Em will have an ongoing passion to help others around her.