Caleb Barry

ASCA Level 1 Strength & Conditioning Coach
Certificate 3 & 4 in Personal Training
Level 2 Kettlebell Instructor
Level 1 PunchFit

Bachelor of Exercise Science & Human Movement
Master of Exercise Science (Strength & Conditioning) [current]

Caleb began working in the fitness Industry as a Personal Trainer in 2007. His passion is primarily in strength training and athlete development, however, his many years of experience have given him the opportunity to train a diverse range of clients.

Caleb specialises in implementing various exercise methods that complement the fitness levels of his clients at Evado Studios, Hawthorn. He is an advocate of functional training and believes this type of exercise enables the body to operate at heightened levels. Caleb’s experience has taught him that quality of movement is the most important aspect of any training session.

Along with his Bachelor Degree in Exercise Science & Human movement, Caleb has completed studies in Strength and Conditioning, Kettlebell Training and Boxing. In addition to this, his personal experience with sport and rehabilitation allows him to train people with current or dormant injuries.

Outside of work, Caleb is a passionate basketball player who has competed at both a State and National level.