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Bade Bishop

Personal Trainer
Fitness Instructor

Bachelor of Exercise & Sport Science
Bachelor of Commerce (Sport Management)
Accredited Gymnastics Coach

Bade began working in the fitness industry since having completed his double degree at Deakin University in 2013. Prior to that, Bade had been an elite level gymnast, training at the High Performance Centre as a representative of the Victorian Gymnastics Team. Whilst at university, Bade began coaching gymnastics and has continued to do so since.

Bade has a strong passion for both biomechanics and strength and conditioning, primarily for sport, but also for a more functional lifestyle. He also strongly believes that a balanced and varied training program is the best method to achieve the most functional fitness possible. Having many years of experience in the gymnastics world, Bade has learnt the importance of discipline, technique and perseverance.

Outside of work, Bade has a strong passion for gymnastics alongside basketball and surfing.